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CépageJacquère is a  grape variety proper to Savoie, middle-sized grapes, very tight. Thick skin. Juicy pulp ,bitter.
Production du Cru24000 HL. It's 23 percent of the white wines and 20 percent of the whole production of Savoie wines.
Production du CépageJacquère is produced on 1050 hectares, that's 53 percent of the wine-growing region of Savoie. The production is equivalent to 80000 hectoliters of wine.
VinificationManual harvest, pneumatic pressing.
Clarification vinification heat regulated at 20°, fermentation during three weeks.
Aire de ProductionIt's produced in Les Marches, St Baldoph and Apremont.
Dégustation : Robe, Nez, BoucheColour : shiny white gold
Nose : white flowers and hawthorn, flinty notes reminding us of the soil.
Palate : mineral and lemony
GardeYou can keep it 2 years but we advise to drink it during the year.