Histoire des Vins de Savoie

Wine,human beeing: same destiny
Wine is like the winegrower, as the country giving birth to it. Wine expresses exactly
the thinking of the winegrower.A savoyard is at first quite secret ,not confident,not very open minded, to be accepted ,one must show identification.His wines are the same:wild, rough at first and quint. Rough at first but golden hearted are the winegrower and his wines.

Four AOC Wines (of controlled origin in France)exhist:
  • Seyssel (since 1942)
  • Crépy (since 1948)
  • Vins de Savoie (since 1973)
  • Roussette de Savoie (since 1973).

Today, we produce about 135 000 hectoliters with two thirds of white wine and one third of red wine for the four AOC wines.The wines of Savoie are produced in four departments:
  • Savoie
  • Haute-Savoie
  • Isère
  • Ain
Crossing the place from North to South, you meet:
  • From Altesse, we elaborate: Seyssel wines and Roussette de SavoieFrangy.
  • North of BourgetLake, from Altesse and Jacquère we elaborate: cru Chautagne
  • In Jongieux on the rivers of the Rône: Altesse with Rousettes de Savoie.Monthoux and Marestel with Jacquère,Gamay,Mondeuse and Jongieux.
  • In South of Chambéry we find Jacquère and vines of Chignin,St Jeoire Prieuré.Roussana gives Chignin Bergeron.
  • Combe de Savoie:Jacquère,Altesse,Mondeuse,Gamay,Pinot...and Roussettes de Savoie.