• 2023
9.70 €
Fresh and acidulous. Notes of fresh almond, hawthorn and fine citrus.
11.00 €
Balanced between roundness, vivacity and fruit notes.
10.70 €
Balanced, round and dry at the same time. Finale fruity
14.50 €
Very balanced, fruity and mineral persistence, notes of orange peel.


  • 2023
10.40 €
Light with a beautiful expression of Pinot : peppery and spicy notes caracteritics from the Chautagne terroir.
17.90 €
This vintage is raised in oak barrel during 12 months.


  • 2022
14.00 €
Very aromatic, exuding floral aromas with notes of apricot. Fat and supple at the same time, this wine brings a lot of freshness.
19.00 €
Gold medal at the 2018 Paris General Agricultural Competition. Fruity and gourmet.
19.00 €
Balanced wine, powerful on the palate, with aromas of white fruits and citrus.
10.70 €
Named for the 3rd time in the Top 100 of the best wines in the world by the Wine Spectator. Dry & floral, with notes of hawthorn.
13.50 €
Elegant & easy to combine. Many aromas of white fruit.
12.50 €
Fruity and acidulous, a rosé linking roundness and vivacity with a fairly long final note on gray pepper.
80.00 €
14.00 €
A very fruity sparkling wine with a strong personality, suitable both as an aperitif as at the end of a meal.
13.00 €
Fruity, balanced, powerful, with slightly woody vanilla aromas.  
14.60 €
Subtle and deep with notes of wild berries and spices.
11.70 €
Fruity with hints of violet. A nice bitterness in the mouth typical of the Altesse grape variety


  • 2023
9.90 €
Light and fruity, tasty. Nice notes of red fruit.
15.50 €
Deep and complex, opening on notes of wild berries and spices. This vintage is raised in oak barrel.