Roussette de Savoie

altesse-762Roussette de Savoie jean perrier et filsGrappe Cepage Altesse
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DescriptifFruity with hints of violet. A nice bitterness in the mouth typical of the Altesse grape variety
CépageAltesse wine variety is typically Savoyard.
Little productive, sensitive to mildew and"coulure"(run-out)
Foliage very cut, dark green on the upper side and milk-white on the lawer side.
Altesse likes sloping ground.
Production du CépageWest side of Lac du Bourget. In between the lake and the Rhône.
South exposure, altitude of 220m.
VinificationManual harvest, pneumatic pressing.
Clarification vinification heat regulated at 20°, fermentation during three weeks.
When the alcoholic fermentation is over, malolactic fermentation starts: the malic acid is degraded into lactic acid, it allows to lawer the wine acidity and avoid fermentation in the bottle.
Thanks to this you have round wines with a long finish in palate and you can keep them longer.
Dégustation : Robe, Nez, BoucheColour : light yellow, green shades
Nose : white fruit, pear and violet.
Palate : lively attack, whith richness. Nice bitterness proper to Altesse.
GardeHe can beware until 5 years and more according to the vintage wines.
  • :
    • 2023
  • Température de Dégustation :
    • Frais (entre 10 et 13°)
  • Cépage :
    • Altesse
  • Accords Mets Vins :
    • Fruits de Mer
    • Poisson Grillé
    • Charcuterie
    • Viande Blanche
    • Tomme de Savoie
    • Filet de Truite