Méthode Traditionnelle Rosé

Methode traditionnelle rose savoieCépage Gamay Jean PerrierVignoble Jongieux jean perrier
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A very fruity wine with a strong personality. Enjoy it as an aperitif or at the end of the meal.
The foaming takes between one and two months and is calculated so as to obtain the pressure appropriate to a Traditional Method: that is to say between 5 and 6 bars. To this we add yeast during the draw.
1 kg to 1kg 5 of sugar per HL of wine to ferment, depending on the base material.
After taking the foam, the bottles are stirred on gyropalettes for a week at the rate of three manipulations per day, in order to sediment the deposits in the neck of the bottles.
During disgorging, these deposits are frozen and then expelled from the bottle, then add the dosage liquor, between 8 and 10 gr of sugar per liter so as to round the wine and give it more flexibility and amplitude.
Dégustation : Robe, Nez, BoucheThe traditional Rosé Method is a wine with a Savoie registered appellation, obtained from the "Gamay" grape.
This grape variety lends itself very well to Champagnisation, because it gives nervous and light wines.
The foam is taken in the bottle, at a minimum temperature of 12 °, it remains stable all year round.
This produces a very fruity wine with a strong personality, suitable for consumption both as an aperitif and at the end of a meal.
  • :
    • Non millésimé
  • Température de Dégustation :
    • between 8 & 10°
  • Cépage :
    • Gamay
  • Accords Mets Vins :
    • Apéritif
    • Dessert