Blanc de Savoie « Pure »

  • pure-blanc-613
  • Cepage Jacquere Jean Perrier
  • Mont Granier Jean Perrier
pure-blanc-613Cepage Jacquere Jean PerrierMont Granier Jean Perrier
11.50 €
Dégustation : Robe, Nez, BoucheA pleasant wine, easy to drink, with a lot of aromas of white fruit : pear, peach with almond and nuts notes. Balanced and soft in the mouth.
An elegant wine, a good aromatic range with a finish like a sweet.
Very good served with grilled fish, salt products and perfect for a drink with friends.
Made of three wine varieties : Jacquère (fifty percent), Chardonnay (thirty percent) and Altesse (twenty percent).
GardeYou can keep it 2 years but we advise to drink it during the year.