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  • Château de Monterminod vineyard
Château de MonterminodAltesse grape varietyChâteau de Monterminod vineyard
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Production du CruMonterminod vineyard was created by Odilon, Great Priest of Cluny, in the eleventh century, to produce wines comforting the monks that had settled on the Lac du Bourget banks.
The vineyard surrounded the castle which had a strategic role in the defensive system of Savoie.
Anne de Chypre, named as "the most beautiful princess in the world", Duchess of Savoie after her marriage-, brought the wine variety of Templiers, the source of Altesse wine variety.
Aire de ProductionMonterminod vineyards ( four hectares), facing south, produce a unique wine, exclusivity of our domain.
Dégustation : Robe, Nez, BoucheColour : shiny white gold
Nose : flavours of white fruit, pineapple ang grapefruit
Palate : balanced, both lively and full-bodied
Balanced wine, powerful in the mouth, white fruit and citrus fruit aromas.
GardeHe can beware more than 5 years.