Méthode Traditionnelle Brut

AOP Cremant de Savoie Brut Jean PerrierGrappe Cepage Jacquère Cremant de SavoieVignoble Abymes Cremant de Savoie
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DescriptifA very fruity sparkling wine with a strong personality, suitable both as an aperitif as at the end of a meal.
CépageThe Crémant de Savoie is made according to a very specific process.
The base wine assembled for the foaming must contain at least 60% of indigenous grape varieties with a minimum of 40% of the Jacquère grape and 20% of the Altesse grape.
Regarding our Estate, we develop our Crémant with:

     85% of the Jacquère grape variety
     15% of the Chardonnay grape
Production du CruMéthode traditionelle has a controlled denomination of origin. It's made from the Jacquère wine variety.
This wine variety is also very good for Champagne, it gives nervous and light wines.
The production of carbon dioxyde takes place in the bottle.
The temperature is at least of 12 degrees, all year round.
The production of carbon dioxyde lasts between one and two months, it's decided so as to have the right pression for a Méthode traditionelle (between 5 and 6 bars) We can obtain this pressure adding yeasts during the bottling.
We add between one kilo and one and a half kilo of sugar per HL of wine.
After the production of carbon dioxyde, we move the bottles during one week, three times a week so as to help the settling of sedimentation on the neck of the bottles.
During the disgorging, these sediments are frozen and rejected of the bottle, then we add "liqueur de dosage" (wine mixed with cane sugar) between eight and ten grammes per litres so as to make the wine softer, rounder and with more body.
VinificationParticular attention is paid throughout the ripening of the grapes until the final production of the Crémant.
After hand picking with selective sorting of the bunches, they will be gently pressed.
Once the wine "finished", we relaunch the fermentation in bottles with a maturing on slats which will last 18 months minimum for our Brut cuvée.
Then, we will operate the riddling for 10 days, before disgorging (evacuation of the deposit) and dressing of the bottles.

  • Température de Dégustation :
    • Entre 6 et 10°
  • Cépage :
    • Jacquère
  • Accords Mets Vins :
    • Apéritif
    • Dessert