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DescriptifDeep and complex, opening on notes of wild berries and spices.

This vintage is raised in oak barrel.
CépageMondeuse is a variety of wine typically Savoyard.
Beautiful grapes that grow close together, long. Dark blue colour, almost black when the fruit is mature.
The juicy pulp melts in the mouth, tasting sugar with a slight astringency.
Production du Cépage8500 HL. It's produced in 150 hecctares. It's 8 percent Savoyard vineyard.
TerroirArgilo-Calcaire, southeast exposure.
VinificationManual harvest, pneumatic pressing.
Clarification vinification heat regulated at 20°, fermentation during three weeks.
When the alcoholic fermentation is over, malolactic fermentation starts: the malic acid is degraded into lactic acid, it allows to lawer the wine acidity and avoid fermentation in the bottle.
Thanks to this you have round wines with a long finish in palate and you can keep them longer.
Aire de ProductionIt's produced in Francin, Chignin and Jongieux.
Dégustation : Robe, Nez, BoucheColour : Purple, bluish shades.
Nose : Wild berries and spices. Blueberries blackberry and white pepper.
Palate : Frank attack. Nice tannins of the Mondeuse. Peppered finish.
GardeYou can keep it from three to five years.
  • :
    • 2022
  • Température de Dégustation :
    • Entre 16 et 18°
  • Cépage :
    • Mondeuse
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