Gamay de Chautagne

Gamay Chautagne vin rouge de Savoie Perriergamay-2-720Vignoble Gamay Chautagne Jean Perrier
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Balanced between roundness, vivacity and fruit notes.
CépageGamay variety of wine : middle-sized grapes, cylindrical, compact.
Grains of a dark purple. Thin skin. Juicy.
Production du Cru8500 HL. It's 20 percent of the red wines of Savoie.
Production du Cépage25000 HL. It's 60 percent of the red wines ; this grape variety is produced in 360 hactares. It's 18 percent of Savoyard vineyard.
TerroirGranitique and Argilo-Calcaire
VinificationManual harvest, pneumatic pressing.
Clarification vinification heat regulated at 20°, fermentation during three weeks.
When the alcoholic fermentation is over, malolactic fermentation starts: the malic acid is degraded into lactic acid, it allows to lawer the wine acidity and avoid fermentation in the bottle.
Aire de Production
North side of Lac du Bourget, between the Savières canal and the Fier, river flowing into the Rhône.
Dégustation : Robe, Nez, BoucheColour : light ruby.
Nose : proper to Chautagne terroir, red berries, cinnamon, spices, raspberry, strawberry and pepper.
Palate : balanced savour of roundness, vivacity and fruity. Long and persistant finish. Rich and light at the same time.
Chautagne territory, closed to Gamay of Beaujolais.
Very goog with our regional dish.
GardeYou can keep it 2 years but we advise to drink it during the year.
  • :
    • 2023
  • Température de Dégustation :
    • Entre 14 et 16°
  • Cépage :
    • Gamay
  • Accords Mets Vins :
    • Viande Blanche
    • Volaille
    • Fromage de Savoie